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    Plastic sheet extruder

    Many kinds of raw material are suitable for our plastic sheet extruder,Such as PP,PS,PE,PET,PLA, calcium carbonate corn starch and so on.

    Plastic thermoforming machine

    Suitable for producting a variety of product, such as jelly cup, drinking cup, milk cup, coffee cup, ice-cream cup, spoon, bowl, plate, lid, flower pot and so on.

    Vacuum forming machine

    Widely applied in packing box production,like egg tray,tray,the food and medicine、 commodities of various kinds of packing box.

    Plastic cup printing machine

    Adopts UV lamp way of printing, suitable for all kinds of surface printing, such as drink cup, milk tea cup, coffee cup.


    The mould designed by our factory is divided into positive pressure mould and negative pressure mould, are respectively suitable for cup making machine and vacuum forming machine, has advantages like good cooling, pore enough, easy to demould, Long lifetime.

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      Shantou Longsheng Industrial CO.,LTD is specializing in the production of sheet extruding machine,cup making machine,vacuum forming machine,cup printing machine,strawing machine,plastic granulator,coiling machine,punching machine,crusher,cup stacking machine and other automation equip,emt etc.

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